Mon. Dec 5th, 2022
Spread the News online news,Hyderabad,November 5th,2022: NZEE5, India’s biggest local video web based stage, dropped the title track of Telugu unique series ‘Aha Na Pellanta’. To make your weddings additional exceptional, ZEE5 introduced the Wedding melody of 2022 ‘Aha Na Pellanta’ as the husband to be’s group dance to the tunes and make the melodic occasion a hit.

Prepare to tap your feet making you inexpressibly pleased. Sung by Krishna Tejasvi, the melody is formed by Judah Sandhy and the verses are by RR Dhruvan. The tune is out an out a scoring wedding number. It gives all the wedding feels, right from the energy of marriage, the family and family members getting together to the arrangements of the wedding.


The series is a diverting story of a husband to be, detached by the lady on their big day. Coordinated by Sanjeev Reddy and created by Tamada media, the eight rambling series, Aha Na Pellanta highlights Raj Tarun and Shivani Rajashekhar and a group of entertainers in huge jobs. This lighthearted comedy show series will debut on ZEE5 on November 17.

Loaded with a ton of feelings-love, double-crossing, kinship, the series is a funny interpretation of retribution and a nonsensical pledge which changes the hero’s destiny until the end of time. Aha Na Pellanta is a smart blend of sentiment and satire that takes a remarkable interpretation of connections. It will toss not one yet many astonishments to its watchers.