Uber partners with Luke Coutinho to launch a wellness program for its employees

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365telugu.com online news,National, April 6, 2022: Uber today announced its partnership with Luke Coutinho, a globally renowned name in the field of integrative and lifestyle medicine, to launch UCare, a holistic corporate wellness program, designed exclusively to benefit its 2100+ employees, based in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. At a time when employees have reoriented themselves to new working models because of the pandemic, Uber is leaning in to ensure all-round wellness of its employees by roping in experts.

The UCare corporate wellness program takes employees through a personalized wellness journey with an aim to introduce them to four foundational pillars of holistic health and lifestyle: Cellular Nutrition, Adequate Exercise, Quality Sleep, and Emotional Detox.

This World Health Day, 2022, WHO has focused on urgent actions needed to keep people and the planet healthy and foster a movement to create societies steeped in well-being. In line with this need to nurture sustainable wellbeing, the program aims to empower employees with knowledge and tools to incorporate lifestyle changes and kickstart their holistic wellness journeys.

Staggered across four months from April, the program also comprises a series of challenges to keep participants motivated and accountable to each other. These are: Sugar-free Challenge, Movement Challenge, Breathing and Visualization Challenge, and Lung Cleanse. The participants will be able to measure progress and also get access to guidance from Luke’s team of skilled nutritionists, doctors, and yoga therapists through live webinars and yoga sessions. 

Speaking on the launch, Divya Garg, Head of HR, Uber India South Asia said,  “Employee well-being is front and center on our agenda. Adding to our suite of well-being benefits and employee support options, we felt the need for stronger initiatives to reinvigorate collaboration and build cohesive teams in the post covid hybrid world. The UCare program will allow us to balance a high-intensity, high-growth business environment with practices of wellness, mental health, and genuine care for people. We are delighted to partner with Luke Coutinho and his team of experts to support our employees’ holistic well-being journey in simple, realistic, and effective ways. At Uber, we believe in bringing our best authentic selves to work and this program will work on a tenet of allowing people to practice not a prescribed course but one that works best for their individual selves. We look forward to making a real impact through this initiative on our employees.”

Commenting on this partnership, Luke Coutinho, Founder, Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems, said – “I am delighted that Uber is taking the wellness of its employees so seriously. It is the need of the hour for people to change their lifestyles. In a world full of fad diets and exercise programs where many follow the one-shoe-fits-all approach, we need to lay down our fundamentals right. We are very excited to partner with Uber. Our vision for this program is for Uber employees to learn the fundamentals of health and lifestyle and make habits and lifestyle practices out of them. We hope they can take these learnings wherever they go – to their families and the society and create a healthy culture both inside and outside of Uber.”

While this is optional for employees, throughout the four-month journey of the program, employees will be kept engaged through an application that has been developed exclusively for this program. A chat support is a key part of it to address their queries and provide guidance to navigate ongoing challenges in real time. Uber employees will also receive regular notifications and challenge reminders to track daily progress, achievements and so on.