Wed. May 31st, 2023
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Spread the News online news, Hyderabad,April 15th,2023: Read the manual: Before you start using your washing machine, read the manual that came with it. It will give you important information about how to operate and maintain your machine properly.

Proper care and maintenance of your washing machine can help extend its lifespan and ensure it works efficiently. Here are some tips for washing machine care:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Always refer to the user manual for specific care instructions for your washing machine. This will help you avoid damaging your machine.

Clean the drum: Regularly clean the inside of the drum with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, grime, or detergent residue. Check the hoses: Inspect the hoses and connections for any cracks or leaks. Replace any damaged hoses immediately.

Use the right amount of detergent: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the detergent packaging to ensure you’re using the correct amount. Too much detergent can damage the machine and leave residue on clothes.

Use the right temperature setting: Choose the appropriate temperature setting based on the type of clothes you’re washing. Using hot water for delicate fabrics can cause shrinkage or damage.

washing mischine_365

Run a regular cleaning cycle: Run a cleaning cycle on your washing machine every few months using hot water and a cup of vinegar to help remove any buildup of detergent, dirt, or bacteria.

Leave the door open: After using your washing machine, leave the door open to allow the drum to dry out and prevent mold or mildew growth. By following these tips, you can help keep your washing machine in good condition and ensure it continues to work efficiently for years to come.

ఇవి కూడా చదవండి..

టీఎస్ పీఎస్సీ పోటీ పరీక్షలకు హాజరయ్యే అభ్యర్థులకు ఫ్రీగా స్టడీ మెటీరియల్

ఆరోగ్యాన్ని అందించే ఆయుర్వేదం పుస్తకాలు ఫ్రీగా మీకోసం..

ఖర్భుజా కొనేటప్పుడు ఇవి చూసి కొనాలి..! లేదంటే మోసపోతారు జాగ్రత్త..!

పాన్ కార్డ్‌లో ఉండే నంబర్లు వేటిని గురించి తెలియజేస్తాయో..తెలుసా..?

ఉల్లిపాయలు తినడం వల్ల కలిగే లాభాలు,నష్టాలు..

రూ.1కే సూపర్ స్పెషాలిటీ ట్రీట్మెంట్..కేర్ ఆఫ్ జీజీ ఛారిటబుల్ హాస్పిటల్‌..

నీళ్ల పై తేలియాడే పాఠశాల..? ఎక్కడంటే..?