Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Spread the News Online News, New Delhi, November 18, 2022:”Are you still single? Why?” “Don’t worry, you too will get married..! .” These are the questions that many single people, especially teenage girls and young people face naturally..


But due to facing such questions regularly, some people are looking for their life partner instead of thinking about their life ambitions and thinking only for themselves and getting depressed.

Especially as friends and family members also consider it as something to think about, their frustration and depression are increasing more and more. Because of this, the number of single people around the world is increasing exponentially, and single shaming is also on the rise.

“It is not always true that people who do not have or cannot find a partner are bored, sad, lonely or depressed,” say psychologists. “Even people in happy relationships can feel these emotions.

It’s dehumanizing to suggest that a person is only valuable if someone chooses them as a partner. Some people think that friends and family are the reason single people are made to wallow in shame.

Loneliness in India is a gendered issue. Single women treat single men harshly. Some do not even think that they will be hurt in any way. Single shaming has many consequences.


Single people are treated differently, which has a negative impact on them and can lead to mental health problems, including severe depression, experts say.

Women are more affected in this regard. Psychiatrists say that some people get into trouble by imposing restrictions on culture and tradition.

Even in Western countries attitudes toward women are not always as liberal as attitudes toward blacks or gays. Similarly, psychologists say that being single should be recognized as not conforming to society’s norms of having a spouse or setting marriage as the ultimate goal of every individual.