Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
Spread the News Online News, Hyderabad, April 29th, 2023: After fluctuations in several states in India over the last few years, monthly wages have been revised. Now let’s know about the salary of MLAs in India..

Average Salary of Member of Legislature. In India 2023 state wise MLA Salary has seen a lot of changes. Telangana state has the highest paid MLAs in India. MLAs from Tripura and Meghalaya are the lowest paid MLAs in India.

Highest MLA Salary Rs.2,50,000 (in Telangana State)
The lowest MLA salary is Rs. 20,000
Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who is getting the highest CM salary – Rs. 4.21 lakhs.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly salary is Rs.1,60,000.

MLA Monthly Salary in India 2023 by State:

Telangana and Delhi states in India have the highest salaries for MLAs. The lowest salary is given to the members of the Legislature in the state of Tripura.

MLA Salary by State in India in 2023:
State wise / State MLA salary list..

State Name India MLA Salary 2023 per month
Andhra Pradesh (MLA Salary in AP 2022) Rs. 1,25,000
Arunachal Pradesh Rs. 25,000
Assam MLA Salary 2022 Rs. 60,000
Bihar Rs. 1,65,000
Chhattisgarh Rs. 1,35,000
Delhi MLA Salary 2022 Rs. 2,10,000
Goa Rs. 1,00,000

MLA salary in Gujarat is Rs. 127,000
Haryana Rs. 1,15,000
Himachal Pradesh Rs. 1,25,000
Jammu & Kashmir Rs. 1,60,000
Jharkhand MLA Salary 2022 Rs. 1,51,000
Karnataka MLA Salary Rs. 63,500
Kerala MLA Salary 2022 Rs. 43,750

Madhya Pradesh (MP MLA Salary 2022/ MLA Salary in MP) Rs. 2,10,000
MLA salary in Maharashtra is Rs. 1,60,000
Manipur Rs. 1,12,500
Meghalaya Rs. 27,750
Mizoram Rs. 65,000
Nagaland Rs. 35,000
Odisha Rs. 35,000
MLA salary in Punjab is Rs. 1,10,000
Rajasthan Rs. 55,000

Sikkim Rs. 52,000
Tamil Nadu Rs. 1,13,000
Telangana MLA Salary 2022 (TS MLA Salary) Rs. 2,50,000
Tripura MLA Salary 2022 Rs. 25,890
Uttar Pradesh (MLA Salary in UP 2022) Rs. 1,87,000
Uttarakhand Rs. 35,000
West Bengal MLA Salary 2023 Rs. 52,000
Puducherry MLA Salary Rs.1,05,000.