Pranaya Kalahotsavam was observed in Tirumala

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Spread the News online news,Tirumala,January18th,2022: The unique annual festival, Pranaya Kalahotsavam was observed in Tirumala on Tuesday evening. The processional deities of Sri Malayappa Swamy on one palanquin and His consorts on different palanquins reached in opposite directions near Swamy Pushkarini. The Jeeyangars recited Nammalwar Pasurams written in “Nindastuti” mode on the occasion. Later the religious staff divided into two groups with one group taking the side of Sri Malayappa and another group supporting the Goddesses.

The love game enacted in this unique festival in an interesting way making everyone joyous. The Goddesses threw floral balls at Sri Malayappa who tactfully escaped from the shots. With the Swamy varu asking both the Goddesses for an apology, the interesting fest concluded on a happy note and the deities enter inside the temple again. Both the senior and Junior Pontiffs of Tirumala, Additional EO AV Dharma Reddy, VGO Bali Reddy and others were also present.