Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Spread the News online news,india,December 10th,2021: Young women today aren’t afraid to be their true authentic selves and rejoice in their own unique interpretation of femininity. They are not fighting to prove their worth as a woman but confidently occupying that seat at the table, resplendent in the knowledge of their innate capabilities and qualities. They chart out their own victories and successes. They don’t define themselves by their gender first, they are an individual first and revel in every trait that makes them unique. The young women of today take pride in the various facets of their femininity.

They seek to explore and express this fluid identity and celebrate it with a metal as precious and unique as their individual personalities. Platinum, a rare metal with celestial origins, resonates with the many facets of being this one of a kind woman, and reflects the myriad of values that come together and define her.Billions of years ago, a meteorite crash left behind limited remnants of a precious white metal. A precious metal that is 30 times rarer than gold, platinum never loses its naturally white sheen. Inspired by the cosmic phenomenon of a supernova, Platinum’s extraordinary qualities of resilience, strength, tenacity, rarity and purity represent a modern and progressive value system that is aspirational for young women who are coming into their own today.

Platinum Evara this season has launched its new, celestial-inspired collection as an ode to the stellar spirit of the young women of today. In times when most individuals have struggled to find themselves, these women have confidently and unabashedly embraced every aspect of themselves and shown the world what it means to be fearlessly and fabulously feminine. Jewellery is integral to the expression of their fluid femininity, as they explore and express their personality through their choices. It enhances and celebrates the pride they feel in their femininity.

It is an intimate part of herself, an emotion, an extension of herself. It is style,celebration, intimacy, fun and individuality. Platinum Evara’s latest collection cast in a metal born of the stars echoes these very sentiments. It allows these inspiring young women to own that feeling of being fabulously female, in its purest, most unabashed form. The dreamlike patterns, mobius loops, and grooves in this latest collection symbolize how women of today stick by the things they love.  ​The scattering, splintering, and expansive
patterns signify how they unapologetically embrace who they are.  ​The interrupted forms, fluid dimensions, and spatial elements represent endless possibilities, all stemming from their boundless belief in themselves.

It is truly for the woman who started a love story with herself today, someone who is truly one of a kind.The collection includes a wide range of versatile pieces, platinum necklaces, rings, bracelets & earrings. Delicate yet seamless forms, combined with unique diamond pieces come together to create a one-a-kind story much like the individual tales of the women who adorn them. Crafted with fluid dexterity, they symbolize the Evara woman’s indomitable spirit that remains resplendent, uninhibited and fearless as she takes pride in her own interpretation of femininity.The delicate yet defined motifs continue to inspire young women to keep soaring as they strive to achieve their fullest.

Here are some of the top picks from the Collection:

This elegant pair of earrings with intricate lattice “windows” and a
diamond-studded interior is cast in rare platinum, a metal that stays true to its form and will never fade. The windows represent your ability to open yourself up to a world of possibilities and allow your fabulously feminine spirit to shine through every time.

We have the stars and galaxies within us and those who realize the potential of this can achieve the unachievable. Navigate through your dreams with this constellation on your finger. Made of platinum, a metal that is 40% denser than gold, this infinity shaped ring celebrates the fulfillment of your infinite dreams..

This piece crafted in 95% pure platinum features a dream-like scattering
of forms highlighted with diamonds. Held together by a rose gold facet,
this bracelet is symbolic of you. A woman who holds together your many
dreams by refusing to be anyone but yourself.

Explore more designs from the collection, available at leading jewellery retail stores across India.
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