NCPA reopening for audiences after a prolonged hiatus of nearly one and a half years

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Spread the News online news,National,november 3rd,2021: This is with regards to the NCPAreopening for audiences after a prolonged hiatus of nearly one and a half years. With a specially curated line-up for art lovers, a range of events from Theatre to Western Classical and Hindustani Classical Music, Classical Dance and International Music will be showcased at the elegantly designed Tata Theatre.Appended below are the events taking place from Friday, 12th November to Sunday, 14th November. Would be great if you could feature the same Looking forward to hearing from you.

SOI Chamber Orchestra

SOI Chamber Orchestra - NCPA

The SOI Chamber Orchestra and music director Marat Bisengaliev will perform works by Elgar, Vivaldi, Britten, and more. Marat Bisengaliev is a noted interpreter of the works of Sir Edward Elgar and will be the featured soloist in a collection of works by the composer including his beloved Salut d’amour. Members of the SOI will also be featured as soloists in the programme.

Date & Time: 14th November 2021 at 5pm

An Evening with Mallika Sarabhai & Rama Vaidyanathan 

Gems of Kuchipudi by Mallika Sarabhai with Darpana Academy of Performing Art & Pratibodhana – the awakening by Rama Vaidyanathan

An NCPA Presentation:

Mallika Sarabhai learnt Kuchipudi from Guru CR Acharyelu, one of the two original students of the father of solo Kuchipudi, Lakshminarayan Shastri. This style maintains a certain robustness and earthiness that keeps it apart from the style of Kuchipudi that has been greatly influenced by Bharatanatyam, and is the more frequently followed and seen. Mallika will perform some of the rarest gems from her repertoire

Rama Vaidyanathan took Bharatanatyam to a new era of conscious thinking. Her ability to use her Bharatanatyam compositions to observe the Universe set her apart in the realm of classical dance. She found her own meaning in Bharatanatyam and used the same to showcase her outlook on the mystical that permeates through each of us. Her bond with the spiritual, combined with a knack for instinctually gravitating towards the abstract, has made her one of the most formidable creators in Bharatanatyam

Date & Time: 13th November 2021 at 6.30pm

Rashid Khan in Concert

Rashid Khan is the torchbearer of Rampur-Sahaswan gharana. With his robust yet sonorous voice, uncanny technical control over sargam and taans, effortless rendition of varied forms, from khayal and tarana to thumri and geet, Rashid Khan is one of the most sought-after vocalists today.Rashid Khan will perform a traditional format featuring bada khayal, chhota khayal and tarana in ragas assigned to the time of sunset and the first quarter of the evening. He will be accompanied by Sabir Khan (sarangi), Ajay Joglekar (harmonium), Ojas Adhiya (tabla)

Date & Time: 12th November 2021 at 6.30pm