KisanKraft Awards Public Relations Mandate to Blue Lotus Communications..

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Spread the News online news,Mumbai,october27th,2021: KisanKraft, India’s only company to serve their entire seed-to-harvest cycle of small and marginal farmers, has awarded its’ Public Relations mandate to Blue Lotus Communications, a 20-year-old knowledge-driven agency. KisanKraft has served more than 50 lakh small farmers through mechanization adoption to increase farmer earnings, crop productivity and cultivated area. The company has set up a 46-acre campus in Nellore, AP, with facilities for manufacturing, R&D, testing, skilling, service, and warehousing. KisanKraft’s is India’s first to manufacture state-of-the-art inter-cultivators to suit the Indian farmers. An ideal Atmanirbhar story, the campus is designed for import substitution, skilling, export potential, and local employment boost.

Mr. Ravindra Agrawal, Managing Director, KisanKraft, elaborated, “Of India’s 150 million small & marginal farmers, the penetration of farm mechanization is currently abysmally low. The acute labor shortage in farms is causing under-utilization of farms, further accentuated due to the pandemic. Mechanization of small farmers can help increase their productivity and KisanKraft is continually assisting farmers to learn about advantages of machinery use on the farms. We want to raise awareness among the smallest of farmers about the benefits of our affordable, appropriate and accessible technologies to help better their livelihoods.”

Chandramouli, CEO, Blue Lotus Communications, added, “KisanKraft is a farmers’ friend, and has a range of products and services that help the farmer in every phase of cultivation, from seed through harvest. Not only is KisanKraft making the farmer more productive, but they are directly contributing to increasing the food security of the country.”