Mon. Dec 5th, 2022
Spread the News Online News, Amaravati, November 11, 2022: Even though the YCP government has given orders to build 28 lakh houses under the ‘pedalandariki illu’ scheme, there is still a situation where the poor are not getting houses at the field level.

The Jana Sena party has launched a program titled ‘Jagananna Illu-Pedalaku Kannilu’ to inform all the people about the irregularities committed in the name of Jagananna Colonies and the way in which the poor beneficiaries have been cheated. The status of colonies and housing construction is going to be shown on social media through the hashtag #JaganannaMosam. Janasena has undertaken this program on 12th, 13th and 14th of this month.


Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan will examine the implementation of the scheme of houses for all the poor in Gunkalam of Vizianagaram district on November 13. The government has revealed that houses are being constructed on a large scale in 397 acres. To this end, the YCP Chief Minister laid the foundation stone and unveiled the pylon.

It was announced that Gunkalam will be made a city panchayat and infrastructure like roads, electricity and drinking water will be provided. Pawan Kalyan will reach Gunkalam on 13th and inspect the houses there. To what extent the promises given by the government have materialized..they will know about the implementation of the scheme by talking to the beneficiaries.