Wed. Aug 10th, 2022
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ELLYSIUM Automotives online news,New Delhi,7th June 2022: Hyderabad based ELLYSIUM Automotives today announced revoking its association with British automotive brand One Moto. The brand which was determined towards establishing a manufacturing unit in India in light of ‘Make in India’ mission did not receive the expected support from the British Electric mobility company, and as a result decided to part ways.

Additionally, ELLYSIUM Automotives has shared fresh plans to announce a new e-Mobility brand which will have its manufacturing plans in India, thus allowing it to control quality and technology as per the requirements of the Indian customer.

The brand is known to be already putting in efforts towards sustainability and has already started working closely with the government of Telangana for land allotment for establishment of the manufacturing plant which will be equipped with major automation integration, semi- robotics, and finest manufacturing machinery to produce quality products.

“Given the current scenario of EV brands in the Indian market, it has become very important to keep a close watch on what one is releasing on roads in the name of EV. Additionally, the price point too needs to be kept in check, understanding that EV is still a new concept for Indian customers. All this can only happen if one manufactures in India, and that is what we will be pursuing.

ELLYSIUM Automotives

Customers will soon see great products getting introduced by the new EV brand which we are all set to launch without making any compromises,” said Mr. Muzammil Riyaz, Promoter & Founder, ELLYSIUM Automotives.

ELLYSIUM Automotives is expected to announce the new EV brand by the end of June 2022. It ambitiously aims to announce at least 3 products within the ongoing fiscal under the new brand to be launched.

ELLYSIUM Automotives

ELLYSIUM Automotives

ELLYSIUM Automotives an Indian Startup for Sustainability and has aggressive and innovative plans to establish an integrated network of Battery Charging/Swapping, moreover they have committed to the investment of R&D, job creation, and sustainable practices to guarantee their values and vision is realized by a patriotic nation of two-wheeled commuters. The brand actively shares the larger vision of reducing carbon emissions in the country, which goes in sync with the Honb. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Panchamrit” vision.