Hemophilia patient, and Uterus cancer too!!

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Spread the News online news,Hyderabad, 5 May 2022: Haemophilia is a rare disease, where blood is not clotted. Bleeding does not stop even if there is a small blow, or even if they are touched hard. If they have to undergo any surgery, then the issue will be too serious. On such occasions, only experienced doctors and state-of-the-art medical facilities from various departments will be useful. Several doctors like gynaecologists, hemato oncologists, medical and surgical oncologists and ultra-modern facilities such as robotic surgery are present in KIMS Hospital. A patient with haemophilia and uterus cancer is successfully operated and her life is saved. Dr Vasundhara Cheepurupalli, a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician at KIMS Hospital, explained the details.

“Savitri, aged about 58, is the wife of an ex-serviceman from Hyderabad. She has haemophilia. Because of this, in the past, there was a lot of trouble when she delivered a baby. For almost three days, she had to continue with the blood transfusion. At that time, she had almost gone to the point of death. Recently she has been diagnosed with uterus cancer. It must be removed surgically. But no one came forward because of her haemophilia. We also had some doubts at first. But later got her admitted. After assessing her condition, she was initially discharged and got approval by the ECHS (Ex-Servicemen’s Medical Insurance) for the use of expensive injections to control Factor 8 of haemophilia. Their cost is about Rs 25 lakh. Factor 8 is one of the 12 types of factors in the body that help blood clotting.

If the Factor 8 is not in sufficient quantity, blood clotting will be difficult, and bleeding will happen.  After getting permission from ECHS, we checked factor 8 every day and performed robotic surgery on a day, when there are fewer chances for the over bleeding. If the open surgery is done, there would have been unusual bleeding. As part of the robotic surgery, we have placed only small holes in three places. Because of this, and the robotic surgery, the blood loss was about 10-15 ml only. We performed the surgery, gave her all the necessary medicines again, checked factor 8 again every day and gave her injections for a week. About 250 injections had to be given. Dr Narendra Kumar Thota, Consultant Hemato Oncologist, KIMS Hospital and Dr Madhu Devarasetty, Surgical Oncologist, were also very supportive of the surgery. The staff in the ICU also protected her for a week and made her fully cured. After complete recovery, we discharged her and sent her home,” said Dr Vasundhara Cheepurupalli. 

Savitri’s family members thanked the doctors and the management of KIMS hospital management for saving her life by performing such a massive surgery, despite the rarest of rare complications she has.