Engineer’s right upper limb salvaged from complex trauma incident by Doctors at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital

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Spread the News online news,Hyderabad, April 23rd, 2022: The Aware Gleneagles Global Hospitals(L B Nagar), one of the leading healthcare facilities in the city, today announced that the doctors at the hospital performed a complex surgical procedure to salvage right upper limb of a young engineer, who suffered elbow fractures in a road traffic accident along with vascular injury and compartment syndrome. The accident and associated trauma could have otherwise compelled doctors to amputate the patient to save his life.

Commenting on the patient’s condition when he was presented at the hospital, Dr. V V Satyanarayana, Consultant Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon, Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital said, “Initial prognosis of the victim, when the patient was rushed to the hospital on suffering a road traffic accident, was to amputate the limb, because a damaged or paralyzed limb would have caused more trauma in the future. However, on consultation with victim’s family and on their approval, we went in to perform an emergency complex elbow fracture surgery along with addressing vascular repair. The surgery was successful and uneventful, and subsequently it resulted in the victim being able to first move his fingers and then his arm.

An engineer by profession and a native of Hyderabad, this 36-year-old victim is now able to perform all his duties. He is an earning member in the family, and limb amputation could have caused great trauma not just to the victim, but also to his entire family. Doctors were able to help the patient because he was rushed to the right medical facility within the ‘golden hour’ of suffering an accident.

Dr.Satwinder Singh Sabharwal, COO, Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital has a piece of advice to those attending to an accident victim. He said, “It is important accident victims are rushed to a multi-disciplinary hospital, where the victim’s condition can be assessed right, and correct treatment is administered at the earliest. Ensuring accident victims are brought to a hospital within the golden hour, by which many lives can be saved.