Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
nellore earthquake
Spread the News online news,amaravathi,November 7th,2022:The gentle quakes wer felt in Chejerla mandal of Nellore area on Monday for three seconds, which made alarm among individuals who ran out of the houses. Overreacted people stayed external their homes for quite a while.

nellore earthquake

In any case, there was no death toll or property. It is realized that seismic tremors happened in four mandals of the region as of late at Udayagiri, Vinjamoor, Kondapuram, Varikuntapadu and Duttalur mandals of Nellore district.

If so, a seismic tremor happened in Tehri of Uttarakhand on Sunday. The Public Place for Seismology (NCS) said that the greatness of the tremor was 4.5 on the Richter scale.

As per the Public Focus of Seismology, the tremor happened at a profundity of 5 km a ways off of 17 km east-southeast of north kashi. NCS said that the tremor happened at 8.33 am.

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nellore earthquake