Doctors at SLG Hospitals save lives of pregnant mother and her newborn twins from major threat to life

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Spread the News online news,Hyderabad, April 29th, 2022: Doctors at SLG Hospitals, one of the leading healthcare facilities in the city, today announced they have saved lives of an expecting mother who suffered from a rare pancreatitis inflammation during pregnancy, along with her newborn twins. Due to efforts put in over more than a week, by a team of experts from various disciplines, all three lives were saved, giving them a new lease of life.

26-year-old Mrs. Devi (full name withheld to protect patient’s identity), who was in her eighth month of pregnancy cycle, was rushed to SLG Hospitals on March 16th, on complaint of severe pain in upper abdomen and repeated vomiting. Initial diagnosis and subsequent tests proved it was a rare case of pancreatitis during pregnancy, and rarest in a double pregnancy. Such a condition cause great trauma, and could even result in deaths, unless treated efficiently.

Commenting on the complexity of the case, Dr. Sirisha Mullamuri, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist, SLG Hospitals said, “Pancreatitis in pregnancy is very rare, accounting for one in 10000 pregnant women. Usually, the management for this condition in pregnancy is no different than non-pregnant women. But for us Mrs. Devi was a great challenge. She conceived after undergoing several treatments. She was very happy with twin babies till 32weeks, when suddenly she developed severe pain abdomen with vomiting. Looking at the severity of her presentation, we suspected pancreatitis in her, though it is very rare in pregnancy. And immediate steps toward diagnosis was made.

Our initial care plan was to manage her for her pain relief and continue her pregnancy. But because of her pregnancy itself, her pancreatitis became more worse and started affecting all other organ functions in the body. Mainly her kidneys, liver and heart started to slow down their function. Then we had to take the difficult decision of delivering the babies by emergency LSCS though they are premature. After delivery, it almost took a week for the mother to recover from the condition and both babies each weighing 1.7kg and 1.8kg were kept under constant care of pediatric team.”

“These are the types of cases which test the quality of a healthcare institution and of the doctors representing it. Am proud of Dr. Sirisha, Dr. Shilpa, Dr. Aravind (Pediatrician) Dr. Suhasini Thirumala (Hod Critical Care dept.) & Team, Dr. Srinivas (Anesthesia), Dr Tejashree and every individual who gave extended selfless service to save these three precious lives. SLG Hospitals has once again established itself as a healthcare institution which is home to some of the best doctors working with world-class infrastructure,” added Mr. D V S Soma Raju, Executive Director, SLG Hospitals.

Though the patient and her twins were discharged from the hospital on March 23rd, all three were put under remote observation, and were made to consult doctors at regular intervals. Born pre-term, the twin children needed proper care and were being monitored for over a month before they are declared fit. The mother and her children have now fully recovered from the effects of inflammation and will continue to lead a happy and healthy life ahead.