Doctors at SLG Hospitals remove a 3 kgs giant fibroid from a woman

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Spread the News online news,Hyderabad, May 6th, 2022: Doctors at SLG Hospitals, one of the leading healthcare facilities in the city, today announced they have surgically removed a 3 kgs giant fibroid to save life of a 30-year-old young woman. Measuring 30×28 centimeters and equivalent to a full-term baby in size.  This was one of the largest fibroids to be successfully operated in this part of the world.

Ms. Vanitha (name changed to protect patient’s identity), who recently returned to India from the United States of America, was admitted to SLG Hospitals on 18th April 2022, due to severe abdominal pain. Necessary tests revealed presence of a large fibroid in the uterus,  which was causing severe abdominal pain and respiratory discomfort to the patient. The giant fibroid also caused compression of urinary bladder, ureters, intestines, and  diaphragm. This  impacted her lung capacity, causing respiratory complications.

Commenting on the procedure done, Dr. Shilpa Gatta, Consultant Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon, SLG Hospitals said, “Around three years back patient underwent C-section  in the United States, but this fibroid was not detected then. Considering the huge size of the fibroid , we had to take an informed  multidisciplinary approach, which included gynaecologists, urologists, and anaesthesiologists. Since the patient is young, we had to perform a procedure to remove such a huge mass, yet ensure that the uterus is not damaged, which was a challenging aspect. Consultant Urologist Dr. Sivaraj Manoharan  performed cystoscopy on the patient to place ureteric stents. Urinary bladder was found to be anatomically distorted with right ureteric obstruction leading to swelling of the right kidney.”

“The fibroid was extremely vascular owing to its huge size and the surgery took more than three hours and was performed with utmost care and precision to prevent any massive bleeding. Post-surgery, the patient was given the best care by the critical care team, led by Dr. Suhasini, which ensured the patient’s  fast recovery and was discharged from the hospital on the third day after the surgery,” added Dr. Sirisha Mullamuri, Consultant Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon.

The team which led to the success of such a complicated case was headed by the consultants from Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dr. Shilpa Gatta and Dr. Sirisha Mullamuri; along with Consultant Urologist Dr. Shivraj Manoharan; and Anaesthesiologists Dr. Srinivas,Dr. Tejashree and Dr Siri Bhavani.