Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Spread the News Online News, Hyderabad, November14th,2022: Various ingredients are used in soap making. Making soap from snail glue is now a hot topic in France. By using these, various skin diseases will go away. Moreover, researchers have concluded that soaps made from snail glue work wonders in keeping aging at bay.

As these soaps turned out to have many uses, they became a huge craze in France. A snail is also one of the creatures belonging to the genus Mollusca. Some of the snails live in the sea, some live on land, and some live in fresh water. Most snails are herbivores but some sea snails are omnivores.


Snails heal themselves if they get any health problem. A lot of research has already been done on snails. Snails secrete a type of gluey substance (sludge). Scientists from France who collected the glue material from snails conducted deep research on it. In 2020, mud was collected from 60,000 snails in France and soap was made with them.

They were able to make a soap from the mud collected from 40 snails. Snail slime contains collagen and elastin. Snail glue is capable of healing wounds on the human body. Scientists have found that collagen repairs skin cells. Also, they concluded that soaps made from this snail’s glue…can prevent aging.


Experts say that these have the power to cure various skin diseases. As a result, there is a huge craze for snail soaps. In France, a scientist named Damin Desrocher is raising snails on a farm. Cosmetic products are made with snail glue.

At present Desrochera, which is raising 60 thousand snails, collects the glue material from them and makes soaps and sells them. With this, cosmetic companies focused on snail glue. If aging can be prevented with this glue, the demand is likely to increase exponentially. More research is ongoing in France on the use of soaps made from snail glue.