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365telugu.com online news, HYDERABAD, 29th October, 2021: Pocket Aces’ long-form premium storytelling channel, Dice Media is set to bring in the festivities a little early as it announces its foray into regional content with the launch of its first Telugu series, “Alludu Garu”. The new series is a remake of Dice Media’s super hit family drama What The Folks! that has seen 3 successful seasons. Alludu Garu S1 will air on Telugu streaming giant, aha from 29th October, 2021. 

Alludu Garu is a coming-of-age story that revolves around the struggles of a newly married son-in-law Ajay (Abhijeeth Poondla) who is forced to stay alone with his over-caring in-laws in a conservative household for a few weeks. His bitter-sweet interactions with his in-laws to impress them add to the humour which will make you laugh and feel sorry for him at the same time. Despite his initial reluctance, Ajay tries hard to meet their expectations and fit into the family, keeping his contrasting world views aside. While his struggles will tickle your funny bones without a doubt, you are sure to empathise with his plight.

The series stars Abhijeet Pondla, veteran actor and director Y.Kasi Vishwanath and popular Telugu film actress Dhanya Balakrishna. IT is directed by Jayanth Gali, best known for his film Love Life Pakodi and co-produced by popular regional digital company Tamada Media. Well known creators ChaiBisket have written the show.  The original series featured popular digital faces Veer Rajwant Singh and Eisha Chopra in the lead along with talented actors Vipin Sharma, Deepika Amin, and Anula Navlekar in supporting roles.

Aditi Shrivastava, Co-founder and CEO, Pocket Aces said, “We are extremely excited to foray into regional content and expand our reach even deeper with the country. Telugu was a good first language to begin with since the audience is larger and there is a definite content and talent gap. Recreating one of the successful titles with regional talent not only demonstrates the extended value of our IP, but also the relevance of the content throughout India. You will soon see more Telugu as well as Tamil originals from Dice Media.”

Sarjita Jain, Showrunner at Pocket Aces, added, “What The Folks! Is one of our most loved series franchises and we are happy to be able to recreate it’s magic for our Telugu audiences. The story’s universal appeal made for a very seamless adaptation and talented creators such as our co-producers Tamada Media, ChaiBisket have helped ensure we capture all the regional flavours and nuances in our storytelling. Not to mention the perfect ensemble that we found for our Telugu family with veteran actors Kasi Garu, Sudha Garu and the immensely talented and popular Dhanya and Abhijeet.” The 5-episodic series will be a weekly release starting 29th October, 2021 on aha platform.