COVID – 19 Vaccination Update – Day 468

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Spread the News online news,Delhi,April 28th, 2022:India’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage has crossed 188.62 Crore (1,88,62,67,266) today. More than 20 lakh (20,40,131) Vaccine Doses have been administered till 7 pm today. The daily vaccination tally is expected to increase with the compilation of the final reports for the day by late tonight.

The cumulative coverage of vaccine doses, segregated based on population priority groups, is as follows:

Cumulative Vaccine Dose Coverage
HCWs1st Dose10405030
2nd Dose10015368
Precaution Dose4775274
FLWs1st Dose18415525
2nd Dose17537616
Precaution Dose7540287
Age Group 12-14 years1st Dose28233759
 2nd Dose5706680
Age Group 15-18 years1st Dose58362553
 2nd Dose42053224
Age Group 18-44 years1st Dose555666543
2nd Dose477543278
Precaution Dose134565
Age Group 45-59 years1st Dose202910791
2nd Dose187818120
Precaution Dose480024
Over 60 years1st Dose126858551
2nd Dose117011274
Precaution Dose14798804
Cumulative 1st dose administered1000852752
Cumulative 2nd dose administered857685560
Precaution Dose27728954

Today’s achievement in the vaccination exercise, segregated by population priority groups, is as follows:

Date: 28th April, 2022 (468th Day)
HCWs1st Dose53
2nd Dose656
Precaution Dose18075
FLWs1st Dose110
2nd Dose1182
Precaution Dose42646
Age Group 12-14 years1st Dose344479
 2nd Dose683381
Age Group 15-18 years1st Dose49534
 2nd Dose143356
Age Group 18-44 years1st Dose33289
2nd Dose402002
Precaution Dose11213
Age Group 45-59 years1st Dose4575
2nd Dose86235
Precaution Dose38118
Over 60 years1st Dose3602
2nd Dose56403
Precaution Dose121222
Cumulative 1st dose administered435642
Cumulative 2nd dose administered1373215
Precaution Dose231274

The vaccination exercise as a tool to protect the most vulnerable population groups in the country from COVID-19 continues to be regularly reviewed and monitored at the highest level.