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Celebrate Thanksgiving with the best in wine!
Spread the News,online news,Hyderabad, 24th November 2020: It’s the season to drink and be thankful to the host. With Thanksgiving Day round the corner, it’s the time to indulge in a scrumptious dinner with your loved ones. Pairing wine with food can be complicated when the spread is packed with a bounty of mains and sides, but the idea is to choose something that is a great match for the dinner. This Thanksgiving surprise your close ones with a classic wine from Grover Zampa stable that complements the elaborate Thanksgiving spread.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the best in wine!

Grover Soirée Rosé Brut

Grover Soirée Rosé Brut is a delicate wine with salmon hues and lingering aromas of plum and red berry fruits on the nose. Unlike many Indian sparkling wines these are made in the methode traditionnelle, same as champagne, considered the best. The palate characterised by fine effervescence, supported by good acidity reminiscences the classic elegance, and finesse exemplifying craft and finesse. The refreshing, long and elegant finish compliments your joyous and festive occasionsThis wine won a Silver at Drink Business Wine Awards 2016 and Bronze at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2016.

Recommendations: The wine is perfect during your Thanksgiving meal with white meat or desert with red fruit gratin. It can also be a great aperitif. Serve at 6°C

Price: ₹1200/- (Mumbai); ₹1210/- (New Delhi); ₹1200/- (Bengaluru)

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the best in wine!

Grover Chêne Grande Réserve

Inspired from the symbol of strength, commitment and joy, the oak tree as we know it, Chêne Grande Reserve is the most graceful red wine aged for a minimum time of 15 months in French oak barrels. It begins with the aromas of blackberry, currant and ripe plums and finishes with the hint of spices and oak bouquets like vanilla and roasted coffee beans. Chêne has won accolades consecutively in the Decanter and Hong Kong International wine awards in the year 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Recommendations: The vintage can be enjoyed every day with a wide variety of dishes right from roasts, stews & grilled meats to rice dishes, grilled vegetables & pasta. Serve cool at 16°C-18°C.

Price: ₹2100/- (Mumbai); ₹2080/- (New Delhi); ₹2000/- (Bengaluru)

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the best in wine!

Grover La Réserve – Red

La Réserve has a powerful bouquet of luscious ripe red and black fruits with an exquisite hint of spice. It combines grace and splendour on the palate with chocolate, coffee beans and vanilla flavours. The finish is long, ample and almost magical. Steven Spurrier, the renowned wine expert from the famous English wine magazine Decanter rated La Réserve as the Best New world Wine during a tasting in Germany in August 2005.

Recommendations: An attractive wine that complements well with roasted lamb, tenderloin, pasta dishes, game, pâté, soft full flavour cheeses & also match Indian specialties such as lamb kebabs and mutton biryani perfectly. Serve at 16°C-18°C.

Price: ₹1150/- (Mumbai); ₹1190/- (New Delhi); ₹1225/- (Bengaluru)

Vijay Amritraj Reserve Collection – White

Inspired by Vijay Amritraj’s legendary feats and iconic style of play, the Grover VA Collection exemplifies the finest India has to offer to the world. As inspiring as the man, the wine is inimitably diverse yet smooth to the palate and gracefully well rounded to deliver a rich experience of Indian terroir. This white wine is very elegant with the quintessence of peach, honey and dry apricot aromas as expected from finest Viognier wine with a floral nose and hints of vanilla notes from the French Oak integration.

Recommendations: Pairs well with Seafood, river fish, coastal Indian cuisine, goat and blue cheese, tarts & fruit desserts.Serve chilled at 8°C – 10°C

Price: ₹1600/- (Mumbai); ₹1560/- (New Delhi); ₹1525/- (Bengaluru)

Grover La Réserve Fumé Blanc

The first of its kind in India and another delectable addition to the La Réserve range, the Fumé Blanc is made with the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, fermented and aged in French oak barrels for 6 months, which gives the wine a rich & creamy texture along with the citrusy, herby, minerally aromas and high acidity typical of the grape variety.

Recommendations: Enjoy it with roast chicken, grilled fish, pastas, creamy brie & goat cheese. Serve chilled at 8°C – 10°C

Price: ₹1150/- (Mumbai); ₹1190/- (New Delhi); ₹1225/- (Bengaluru)