Wed. May 31st, 2023
Spread the News,OnlineNews,January17,National,2020:With the winter and the festive season upon us, everyone is looking for a reason to celebrate. Café Coffee Day(Popularly known as CCD), the café pioneer and market leader is all set to make these celebrations special, with its newly launched, and first of its kind,range of innovativeMoodelicious Cappuccinos. The specially crafted 6uniquecappuccinos, give coffeeaficionados, a perfect reason to grab a cup with their loved ones. With the launch of these new cappuccinos, CCD has again lifted the bar for coffees in the industry and in the country. The unique offerings are part of an exotic range featuringinnovative ingredients like peaflower extract, wellness specials like Himalayan pink salt, and traditionalage old Indian health superpowers such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon.
Powerful ingredients such as these induce certain moods and feelings and thenew cappuccinosperfectly reflectthese moodswith offerings such asCappuccino Surprise, Cappuccino Crush, Cappuccino Unwind, Cappuccino Mischief, Cappuccino Recharge and Cappuccino Awsm!Now customers can pick a cappuccino based on the special ingredientsof their choice or their mood at that moment.

Blended with the natural goodness of Himlayan pink salt, with a hint of black pepper, the Cappuccino Surprise, with its sweet and salty flavour will leave one’s taste buds pleasantly surprised.
Laced with the exquisite flavour of white chocolate with a natural blue peaflower extract, this specially crafted upside down Cappuccino Awsm is a globally trending flavour experience that will leave all coffee lovers spellbound!
With the zesty magic of tangerines and the delightful creaminess of white chocolate, the Cappuccino Crushis all set to woo coffee lovers’ hearts!

The earthy, traditional flavoursof ginger and turmericare not only soothing but beneficial for calming the senses. Just like its name, the flavour Cappuccino Unwind with antioxidant properties, is a perfect beverage to relax with. The sweet touch of chocolate, the playfulness of cinnamon, and the spicy notes of chilli, in the Cappuccino Mischief will bring out naughty side in anyone!
Aclassic combination of bananas and rich caramel, the Cappuccino Recharge, with its crackling caramelized banana chips is a power house one needs, to get through the day.

Speaking of this creative initiative Suneet Yadav, President-Marketing, Café Coffee Day, said “As pioneers of the industry, Café Coffee Day is constantly innovating to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We thrive oninnovative offerings that will excite our customers. The new launch of Moodelicious Cappuccinos raises the bar further in the category. With the onset of winter, coffee lovers are looking for unique options they can indulge in. A first of its kind in India, our new range of Cappuccinos, feature special health and wellness coffees rooted in traditional Indian flavours. Specially crafted with unique ingredients,coffee lovers fall in love with coffee again. The new cappuccinosare available at all CCD outlets across the country.