Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Spread the News online news,Tirupati 25 November,2021: With an aim to telecast the rituals, religious events, festivals that are performed in the Srivari temple at Tirumala every day on SVBC and SVBC Radio,  TTD has stopped the services of Akasavani-All India Radio Tirupati FM.

In a statement released on Thursday evening, TTD said it has entered MoU with Akasavani for an everyday three hour slot from 3am to 6am to live relay the programmes in Tirumala temple during that time on payment of Rs. 35akhs per annum.

When TTD is having its own Channel and Radio to live telecast and relay all the rituals in the temple, it has decided to stop the services of Akashvani.

Devotees are requested to make note of this and watch and listen to the live programmes on SVBC and SV FM.