Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
Spread the News online news, May 25th, 2023: The menace of mobile hackers has increased tremendously in recent times. Making a call, enjoying entertainment, online banking, filling a form, searching for information about anything, spending time on social media has become a part of everyone’s life. Don’t forget that your mobile can be hacked due to small mistakes in these situations.

If hacked, you will lose data and financially. Let’s know some mistakes to avoid mobile phone hacking. Do not accidentally click on any unknown link. If you do this, there is a possibility that this link is fake or contains a virus that can hack your mobile. So check the link first.

If you receive a link to do KYC via message or email, do not click on it or provide any information without verification. Remember this KYC related thing, confirm from there first and then click.

Many emails are also arriving in your email saying that you have won the lottery, or are offered a loan or credit card. Don’t trust or click on them even by mistake. Otherwise your mobile may be hacked.

Remember that many websites ask you for permission whenever you visit Google. But it should be seen which websites should be allowed and which should not be given. Because many fake websites here can hack your mobile by taking permission from you. So be careful.