Bharatnatyam Performance by Kum Archana MC from Banglore

Bharatnatyam Performance by Kum Archana MC from Banglore

365telugu.comonlinenews, december 1,Hyderabad:Artist Archana MC:The classical dance form Bharatanatyam has fascinated Archana MC right from a tender age. Encouraged by her parents, Sri Chandrashekhara and Smt. Lakshmi, she has been training under the able guidance of Bangalore’s renowned Gurus’ Karnataka Kalashree Sri. Kiran Subramanyam and Smt. Sandhya Kiran at their institute for dance, RASIKA, for the past 15 years.Passion, perseverance along with impeccable training and mentorship from her Gurus’, has helped Archana in her journey.

  • She did her Rangapravesha in 2012.
  • She has completed both Karnataka Junior and Senior Grade exams with flying colors.
  • She has also been recognized as a “B” graded artist of the Doordarshan.

Archana has had the opportunity to perform at various prestigious platforms. Few of the key performances are

  • For ICCR and Dept. Of Kannada & Culture, Bangalore, March 2017
    • Articulate Festival, Mysore, June 2019
    • Navaratri Utsava, Kollur Mookambika Temple, Kollur, Sep 2017
    • Udupi Paryayotsava, Udupi Krishna Temple, January 2016
    • Ugadi Utsava, Mangalore, March 2015
    • Rotary Club, Mysuru, February 2018

Archana is academically accomplished. She holds a degree management from IIM Bangalore. Archana served as a senior coordinator of SPICMACAY, IIM Bangalore Chapter, where she contributed to the cultural ecosystem at the institute.

Archana is thankful to Shilparamam for providing this wonderful opportunity and for all the support. Archana offers her salutations to God, Gurus and all present in the audience before commencing her performance this evening.

Synopsis Of Items: Archana MC

Total 4 items will be performed

Total Time: 45 Minutes

  • Item-01

Archana begins this evenings recital with a Pushpanjali.

Pushpanjali, is a traditional invocatory number which literally means an offering of flowers. The dancer adorns the stage with flowers and seeks the blessings of the Lord for a successful performance. This Pushpanjali will be followed by Rudranamavali, a shlokam in praise of the cosmic dancer, Lord Shiva. In the shlokam, the dancer describes the glory of Lord Nataraja as the one who is “Shaanta”, the one with the crescent moon as his crown, the one with three eyes and surrenders to Him

  • Pushpanjali in Raaga: Kadyothkanti and Adi Taalam
  • Shlokam in Raaga: Revathi
  • A composition of Dr B R Sheshadri
  • Choreographed by Guru Sri Kiran Subramanyam       
  • Item-02

Archana continues the recital with a Ganesha Stuthi

This piece is in praise of the elephant headed God, Ganapathi. Son of Parvathi, Ganesha is known to be compassionate to His devotees and the bestower of success. He is described as the one who is prayed by the Devas, the Gana’s and all celestial beings; The one who is adorned by a snake as a garland and saluted by the Rishi Muni’s. The dancer says that Ganesha, who is Modakapriya, destroys arrogance in all; She bows down to the protector who blesses all His devotees with happiness.

  • Ganesha Stuthi in Raaga: Gowla and Adi Taalam
  • Composition of Sri Mysore Vasudevachar          
  • Choreographed by Guru Sri Kiran Subramanyam                                  
  • Item-03

The next item is a very popular Devaranama where the devotee invites little Krishna to her house. The devotee is amazed by Krishnas beauty and says “There is no one equal to you “. She describes how Krishna is adorned with bells on his feet and ornaments on his hands. She says that when Krishna plays the flute, the music is truly divine and enchants the whole world. She says that she surrenders to Krishna, Keshava, the one who resides in the temple town of Udupi and pleads Him to come to her.

  • Devaranama in Raagamalika and Adi Taalam
  • Penned by Saint Poet Kanakadasa           
  • Choreographed by Guru Smt. Sandhya Kiran          
  •  Item-04

Archana concludes this evenings recital with a Thillana. The dancer elaborates on various rhythmic patterns adding colour and vibrancy to the item.

  • This Thillana is in Raaga: Sindhu Bhairavi and Adi Taala
  • A composition of Vidushi Smt. Dwaraki Krishnaswamy
  • Choreographed by Sri. Kiran Subramanyam