365telugu.com online news november 16, Hyderabad: National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management (NITHM) & Brahma Kumaris an international voluntary socio-spiritual organization affiliated to United Nations as NGO * Organised a campaign, at NITHM for all the staff and students of the campus. The theme ‘MeraDesh Meri Shaan’; NITHM Students participated with enthusiasm and also staged music and dance performances.  Govt. of India, Incredible India dept. endorsed National Campaign on ‘MeraDesh MeriShaan’ reaches Hyderabad. In association with Shipping – Aviation – Tourism Wing of Brahma Kumaris.

The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp, by the dignitaries on the dais Kamlesh Didi, National Head Shipping Aviation & Tourism Wing with her Brahma Kumari team Shanti Didi and Vashi Bhai; NITHM Director Dr.Chinnam Reddy and Principal Mr.V.Narendra Kumar. A pray song was sung followed by the welcome address was given by NITHM Director   Dr.Chinnam Reddy. The guests and gathering were welcomed and in his message conveyed * NITHM would Tie up with  Brahma Kumaris organization to in cooperate more human values in to-days youth – for the benefit of the college students – to better their lives.  And since to-day Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Tourism is on the rise, and since we are a tourism institute – the collaboration will definitely help to build up and strengthen to-days youth with human values.  Kamlesh Didi in her message mentioned : *Tourism is the way to showcase & conserve Indian Culture* &  *Tourism can be used as a very useful tool –  to spread Peace through Culture Across the Globe*.  The main aim of the program is to help promote National Integrity, Harmony, Self-development concepts in the sectors of Tourism, Aviation and Shipping.  As the service industry is popular globally, the progress is rapidly growing Govt. Of India is taking several steps to encourage unity and diversity. ** However, it is observed that the people associated with these sectors are prone to several internal challenges affecting their performance, value system, coping abilities, flexibility, relations and health. These challenges have become one of the major concerns in the progress of the institutions associated with these fields.
  ‘MeraDesh Meri Shaan’ in organized from Mysuru to Mathura via Hyderabad with the aim of promoting ancient Indian Values, Inner Peace & Upliftment, Cleanliness, Stability, Harmony in relations & Team building, Managing thoughts & emotions, Happy life, Diluting Stress etc.  SAT Wing campaign: ‘Shipping -Aviation – Tourism’ service wing of Brahma Kumaris has been serving those individuals who are associated in these sectors and helping them to lead a better life through several creative and dynamic programmes all over the country. At present, a campaign on the theme

Brahma Kumaris is an international voluntary socio-spiritual organization affiliated to United Nations as NGO and has consultative status with UNICEF and ECOSOC. With branches in 137 countries, it serves millions of people irrespective of any discrimination And NITHM having associated to host the program and TIE up in progress will certainly encourage our students to go for counselling sessions, internships and peace campaigns that will help them in their career and lifestyle. Students performed few dances, sung folk songs and also depicted traditional attire of the Indian States * To showcase Unity & Diversity our foreign students also dressed in Indian Traditional Attire.