January 29, 2020
  • January 29, 2020
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Cube of Truth’ Event Held in Hyderabad

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365telugu.com online news, august 10, Hyderabad: The twin cities’ vegan volunteers came together on Saturday afternoon and formed a huge human cube and screened undercover footage of standard practices through which animals are brutally exploited for avoidable human wants in India. The footage gave glimpses into the lifelong suffering and cruel deaths caused by our exploitation of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation and labour.to acquaint people with the reality of the world’s most neglected victims, animals.

The volunteers sported Guy Fawkes masks in order to keep the bystanders’ attention focused on the message rather than the messengers. After exposing the unconscionable truth about the torture and terror inflicted on animals by our everyday choices, volunteers discussed how avoiding animal-based choices is not just ethical, but also easy and healthy.

The event succeeded in drawing people’s focus on the immense suffering that our everyday choices inflict upon animals and urging them to make changes. “Anyone who has spent time with animals knows that each animal has an individual personality, just like us humans. They value their families, freedom and lives just like we do. Yet, we separate animals from their loves ones, rob them off their freedom, and mutilate their bodies. Every day, hour and minute, non-human animals are subjected to horrors that no human would knowingly support”, said the volunteers while addressing the large crowd that had gathered.

Subsequently, a public speak-out was performed to introduce species-ism. Similar to racism, casteism, sexism and heterosexism, speciesism is a form of discrimination that fuels the exploitation of sentient beings on the ethically irrelevant basis of their species. This term, coined by Dr Richard Ryder in 1970, is used to articulate the fact that differences in terms of cognition, communication, etc. do not justify the harming of sentient individuals belonging to non-human species. What we are doing to animals is analogous to the human slavery that we cringe at the thought of. Every year, we breed into existence billions of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, etc. only to torture and murder them for our wants (not needs). Had these victims been humans, we’d have called this an unprecedented genocide. And, this atrocity is being powered by us, the common people!

In the everlasting words of a famous philosopher, as for our duty to not cause suffering, the question is not ‘Can they talk or reason?’. The only relevant question is ‘Can they suffer?’. And, animals can suffer acutely – both physically and emotionally. Hence, there is no justification for limiting justice and kindness only to humans.

Refraining from the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, experimentation, entertainment or any other purpose to the highest extent practically possible is referred to as being vegan. In addition to preventing animal suffering and improving health, avoiding animal-based choices is also crucial for mitigating environmental devastation and world hunger. It takes enormous amounts of grains, water and other resources to raise the tens of billions of animals that we breed into existence every year. The UN finds that animal agriculture uses up a whopping 50% of the world’s grains, and causes enormous deforestation. A huge contributor to climate change, our non-vegan choices also cause a lot of air pollution [through the release of harmful gases like H2S & methane], water pollution [through farm runoff] and soil degradation. World hunger could be substantially reduced if the land, water and grains used for feeding animals are instead used for directly feeding humans.

Except in rare cases where animal-based choices are genuinely necessary for self-preservation, we cause these physical and mental horrors to animals simply for reasons of pleasure, convenience and conditioning. It is now undoubtedly established that consuming meat, eggs, milk and honey degrades our environment enormously and is completely avoidable from a nutritional perspective. All major nutritional bodies state that, as a vegan, one can get all the required nutrients including calcium and protein in adequate quantities to stay perfectly healthy. For instance, the reputed Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics writes that vegan diets are “not only appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, but they also help reduce the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, obesity, and some types of cancer”. Other animal-based products and use such as leather, wool, silk, fur, pearls, circuses, zoos and animal testing also lead to immense suffering and can easily be avoided. There exist numerous delicious plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products, animal-free clothing options and alternatives to other animal use.

Millions of vegans around the world testify to the fact that one can live healthily and happily without meat, eggs, milk, honey, leather, wool, silk, fur, circuses, zoos and so on.  “When we can live happily and healthily without harming others, why don’t we?”, asked the volunteers coming from a variety of backgrounds.

‘Anonymous for the Voiceless’, the international group, asks people to join a global movement that involves practicing and promoting anti-speciesism and veganism. The animal liberation movement has already spread rapidly in India over the last decade and is poised to become much bigger. The volunteers appealed to the public to avoid animal-based choices and speak up against all forms of animal exploitation.

Quotes from some of the volunteers behind the demonstration

Sowmya (Auditor): “Imagine being born just to be tortured & killed for someone’s wants. That’s the story of the tens of billions of land and marine animals that we yearly exploit for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, labour, etc. Had these victims been humans, we would’ve called this the worst ever barbarity. And, unless one avoids animal-based choices, he or she is among those causing this barbarity.”

Sandeep Kumar (Software Engineer, Leapzen): “I was raised non-vegetarian, but after watching documentary ‘Earthlings’ and other videos that brought out the animal suffering that our choices are responsible for, I went vegan right away. Being vegan means ensuring, to the greatest extent practically possible, that animals are not exploited or otherwise harmed by our actions for any purpose. Apart from not eating meat, eggs, dairy products/milk and honey, being vegan also involves avoiding leather, wool, silk, fur, pearls, zoos, animal circuses, animal-tested products, etc. Animals want and deserve freedom just like us, so their use is nothing but exploitation.”

Pulkit P (doctoral/PhD student, IIIT-Hyderabad): “I had already been shunning and opposing injustices like sexism, casteism and transphobia, when I realised that we should also reject and fight ‘speciesism’, the discrimination causing the exploitation of innocent sentient beings merely because they belong to non-human species. Animals may not talk or reason like us, but that is not relevant here at all. What matters ethically is their capacity to suffer. Hence, it is our responsibility to make choices that do not make them suffer.”