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, NITHM – Gachibowli, Hyderabad celebrated their freshers day -2019

By on August 9, 2019 0 206 Views online news,Hyderabad, 9th Aug 2019 : Principal Mr. V. Narendra Kumar opened the day, with congratulating the seniors for putting the freshers together with beautiful decorations and timely planning etc. In his message to the students he mentioned that • all students should learn to handle situations and start to focus on the career ahead not wasting their time on unnecessary things. He advised them not to get into conflicts as the campus * as rules prevails no matter who the students are or from where they come. “Be right to yourself,  do right things right and you will accomplish your purpose of being here”. As youth of the future,  you need to contribute to society work on contribute and actively work on what you as individuals can contribute to Nithm and Society. He said Nithm is working on a plastic free campus,  we are already have the water conservation and solar energy in place. He advised students not to use plastic,  use paper bags, to save  water and electricity.In his conclusion said: *Doing something for others always makes a difference to you and mankind*.He said enjoy your college life, have good memories and associate with your peers and senior students and he wished the students all the best for their 3 yrs at NITHM. 
K. Vasudevan HoD Hospitality, instructed the students to be like brothers and said the seniors need to be like role models. Helping their junior & freshers to adjust and accommodate at NITHM. Have an alumni and students belonging – he said that each student must continue to build on networking for your future. He wished them all the best for a lovely day and a successful career ahead.  The program continued with a number of dance performances, singing and stage performance that was very entertaining to see how the seniors and juniors perform beautifully.Post lunch the ramp walk was fantastic to see all the freshers hospitality attitude. Mr.  Fresher was D Bhavesh, Ms Fresher Priyal Jain & Mr Handsome Moin Azgar & Ms. Glamorous Sonali Singh.  Thereafter the students danced to the DJ and enjoyed till 5 pm to end the lovely freshers day.