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Superstar Mahesh Launches New CLothing Brand ‘THE HUMBL CO’ Along WIth Spoyl

By on August 8, 2019 0 105 Views

365Telugu.com Online News ,august 8, Hyderabad: Superstar Mahesh who is quite busy with his films has been expanding his horizon by successfully venturing new businesses. Recently he entered into Multiplex area with a plush, luxurious AMB Cinemas at Gachibowlii in Hyderabad. Now Superstar Mahesh is taking us into a new world of clothing. He launches a clothing brand, ‘THE HUMBL Co’ exclusively with SPOYL. On the occasion of National Handloom Day Mahesh has unveiled ‘THE HUMBL CO’ on August 7th. The Humbl Co brand features easy-to-wear- styles for men of all ages with over 160 styles that start at a pocket-friendly price of 599 onwards. Some of the designs were exhibited by models on stage during the launch. Mahesh babu Team has conducted an interesting contest a few days ago. They asked to guess the business Mahesh is venturing into. Many fans took part in it and among them, five were selected through the lucky dip. These five lucky fans met their favourite star Mahesh during the launch. Spoyl CEO Bhargav Errangi,Spoyl Pvt Brand Division Head Sushruthi Krishna also took part in the launch. Humbl will be live exclusively on Spoyl app and Spoyl website.

Superstar Mahesh said, ” The Humbl Co’s clothing collection is an expression of my personal style and way of life. The values of simplicity & humility that I believe in, forms the core of the brand’s mission statement. Through The Humbl Co., I want to cement my relationship with my fans by inspiring them to live real and stay humble.”

Spoyl CEO Bhargav Errangi said, “We are very happy to associate with Superstar Mahesh Babu to build a product that’s truly reflective of his star -power and his down-to-earth off-screen personality. I am looking forward to the exciting direction that The Humbl Co will take the Spoyl. We believe that Humbl will emerge as a major celebrity brand in social commerce.”

Spoyl Pvt brand Division Head Sushruthi Krishna said, ” We’re glad to have a way to support Mahesh babu’s inclination toward community outreach through the Humbl co’s roots collection. The collection is also made using handloom, natural dyes and sustainable fabrics.”

Mahesh Interacted with Press during the launch of The Humbl Co

How conscious you are when you come to choose your clothes on a daily basis?

  • My Style has always been very simple and classic. I always wear what I am comfortable in. I like to be in a checks shirt and jeans.

What will be the choice from your own brand if you have to wear it?

  • It’s the Roots collections which is very very special from our brand. It gives employment opportunities to our rural weavers in both of our states. That’s my favourite collection along with checks shirts.

What is Humbl mean to you?

  • Live Real Stay Humble. A lot of my personality reflects on the brand. It’s not something which we did it overnight. There is something going on in my mind for a long time to do something like this. When Bhargav approached us his vision and clarity made me excited to start this. It wouldn’t have been possible without him. A big thanks to him and Spoyl.

After AMB Cinemas, The Humbl Co what’s next?

  • A lot of things are going on. But, Doing films is always my first passion. I am busy over the next two years with a lot of exciting projects. Launching Humbl two days ahead of my birthday is very exciting for me. I have to thank all my fans. The social media has been buzzing and they are trending my birthday. I am really blessed to have fans like them. A big big thanks to them.

Who is your favourite stylish person?

  • I like the style of people who stay real. Whenever I look at such people I can relate to it.

How do you feel launching your brand on National Handlooms Day?

  • I am very very happy to launch on this special day. Thanks to Bhargav, Sushrutha and Spoyl.

Why did you choose the name ‘Humbl’ for your brand?

  • I always have this idea in my mind to come up with a clothing line. When Bhargav gave me the presentation, they came up with this name, ‘The Humbl’ and I instantly connected to it. I felt it is close to my belief and personality. I haven’t observed the letters ‘M’ and ‘B’ were side by side in Humbl. Observing this graphics team have underlined them.