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Maa Aai Productions First Film In Shivakumar’s Direction Titled ’22’

By on June 22, 2019 0 157 Views

365telugu.com online news, june 22 , hyderabad : Maa Aai Productions first film starring Rupesh Kumar Choudhary, Saloni Misra in Shivakumar B Direction is titled as ’22’. Production House Logo launch and Title Announcement of the film was held in an event on June 22nd at Dasapalla Hotel, Hyderabad. Popular Producer C Kalyan unveiled the logo of ‘Maa Aai Productions’ While Sensational Director VV Vinayak has announced the title ’22’. Successful Director Maruthi, Well known Producer Konda Krishnamraju also graced the event as guests. On this occasion…

Sensational Director VV Vinayak said, ” Siva worked with me in my direction department for many films. I like him a lot. He is well disciplined and very dedicated. It’s good to see him as a director today. I appreciate the producers for this opportunity for him. Naturally many will think that Shiva got this opportunity because of BA Raju garu. But, Shiva has readied his script with his own talent he impressed the producers and earned this opportunity. Title of the film is ’22’. The regular shoot will start from July 22nd. I heartfully wish Shiva to become a very big director in the industry. All the best to Hero Rupesh Kumar Choudhary, Saloni Misra, Music Director Sai Kartheek and the entire team.”

Successful Director Maruthi said, ” I am very happy that a new director is coming up with a new concept. Shiva purely driven by passion towards the movies proved his talent by directing a web series and making a film today casting the same hero without depending on BA Raju garu is not an easy thing. Shiva worked for some films in our banner. He is a person with a very good attitude. Title of the film, ’22’ is very innovative. I wish ’22’ will become a trend mark film for Shiva like how ‘Ee Rojullo’ film became a trend mark film for me.”

Popular Producer C Kalyan said, ” Jaya garu will be happy wherever she is today. She wished Shiva to become a director more than anything. Shiva worked in our banner for many films. He is a very comfortable assistant director for producers. It’s a necessity that a director should have control over production. I have belief in Shiva. He has a very good spark in him. I heartfully wish that he should make more films in less time.” Popular Producer Konda KrishnamRaju said, “I and BA Raju garu are like own brothers. I am very happy to see our Raju gari son Shiva who has made a web series on his own is now directing a film. Shiva will always have Jaya gari blessings with him.” Music Director Sai Kartheek said, ” I know Director Shiva for last 5 years. I know the story and it is very exciting. This film will bring a very good name for Shiva. Thanks to Director and Producers for giving me this opportunity.”

Hero Rupesh Kumar Choudhary said, ” Shiva garu has given me an opportunity to act in a web series and today he again made me a hero for this film. Thanks to Shiva garu.” Fight Master Joshua said, ” I worked for Khaidi No 150, Saaho films. I got excited and immediately agreed to do this film when Shiva narrated me the story. This film will have a very different kind of action part.”Co-Director Pullarao Koppineedi said, ” I and Shiva worked together. ’22’ has a superb story. The FIlm will definitely become a huge success.” Heroine Saloni Misra said, ” I am doing this film after ‘Falaknumadas’. Mine is a very interesting character. Thanks to Maa Aai Productions and Puri Connects for giving me this opportunity.”

Director Shivakumar B said, ” I worked for many films in direction department of Maruthi, Puri Jagannadh, VV Vinayak garlu. One day Anee master asked me to narrate my story to Producers Rupesh Kumar Choudhary and Suseela Devi garu. I said to them that we should make a web series first. They liked the story and gave me the opportunity to direct a web series. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to direct a film in the same production house. Thanks to C Kalyan, VV Vinayak, Maruthi, Konda Krishnamrau garlu who came here today to bless me. My father BA Raju garu stood with me in all of my struggles and he is the one who makes me walk forward every minute. I learned production from my mother Jaya garu. Then I used to learn more about direction skills. Wherever my mother is, I always have her blessings with me. Thanks to Puri Connects, Puri Jagannadh garu, Charmme garu for adjusting the dates of Saloni Misra for our film.”

Rupesh Kumar Choudhary, Saloni Misra, Vikramjeet Singh, Jayaprakash, rajeshwari Nair, Ravi Varma, Amit Tiwari, Fidaa Saranya, Master Tarun Pawar, Baby Ojal Pawar and Others CInematography: BV Ravikiran, Music: Sai Kartheek, Art: Brahma Kadali, Editing: Shyam Vadavalli, Stunts: Joshua, Stills: Varahalamurthy, Production Head & Choregraphy : Anee Lama, Chief Co-Director: Pullarao Koppineedi, Producer: Smt SuseelaDevi, Story – Screenplay – Direction: Shivakumar B