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ChetanVeena Fashion Couture House first edition of ILLUSIOISTIC EMOTIONS

By on June 13, 2019 0 494 Views

365telugu.com online news, june 13, Hyderabad: The Preview Hosted By Neha Gupta. TO CELEBRATE FUTURE OF FASHION AT WEDS GARDEN Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad. ChetanVeena fashion Couture house pvt ltd will be presenting an exclusive preview of couturier Chetan Veena’s art work inspired by motion of pure reality and imaginary motion of objects. Come get ready to witness the world where art and the human form combine.


The preview will have range from functional to fantastic, and include creations fashioned from just about anything you can think of. Be inspired by the themes, creativity, materials and the design and presentation of incredible outfits.

“Iam excited to present my new method apparel line to general society.” Expressed Chetan Veena “I have the energy for fanciful movement of items and genuinely trust my top of the line will emerge from the rest. I have dependably been one to get what i need. Presently i am seeing my enthusiasm and endeavours meet up as ChetanVeena Fashion Couture House Pvt ltd.

Chetan Veena is an all around perceived emerging designer

Chetan Veena is an all around perceived emerging designer. He has exhibited his accumulation at style weeks and workmanship display from 2012to 2015 in Malaysia and Singapore .He has taken an interest as understudy rising design fashioner in avant garde fashion week Mercedes Benz Stylo week Malaysia .

ChetanVeena Fashion Couture House’s mission is to encourage artisans from less privileged backgrounds of Telangana state to acquire new skills . It will help rural artisans to earn their live hoods and also will be promoting traditional handicraft techniques of telangana that are in danger of dying. Mixing architectural zeal, tailored artistry, and a sensual embrace of the luxurious fabrics , Chetan Veena’s garments display incredible precision that flourishes, first and foremost, to his Beholder creating a ‘Wow factor’.Intricate drapes are lent from the designer’s hands to the pattern makers and sewers , with extreme attention given to finishing and detailing , will transform a design into a showpiece. Designs from ready-to-wear pieces to couture creations, everything starts here infusing Imaginations with Fashion-Art forming a wearable silhouette.

Chetan Veena intends to make in excess of 2000 work openings in the fashion business with in 2 years .
ChetanVeena Fashion Couture House aims to be the instrument through which artisans can directly connect with global audience. The platform aims to create a dialogue between the maker and the buyer .