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By on May 25, 2019 0 316 Views

365telugu.com online news, New Delhi | 25th May, 2019: Aviva Life Insurance, a pioneer in the space of child proposition, conducted a survey that revealed 81% Indian parents have low knowledge about their child’s higher education costs and majority of them witness financial challenges later due to inadequate investments. Basis the findings of the survey, the company, last year, had launched a dedicated online platform, Aviva Kid-O-Scope to address the gap. Aviva Kid-O-Scope allows parents to identify their child’s inherent talent, nurture them and also, make a financial plan to secure their child’s future. Since its launch in 2018, the platform has seen a significant rise in users and of the share of child policies in our product mix has gone up by 12%.

According to the pan India survey, higher education of child is one of the key priorities of Indian parents, and especially for mothers/female guardians. However, today’s millennials do not acknowledge advance financial planning for child’s higher education as necessity and have a more diversified investment pattern with a greater appetite to take risk. To cater to this need or creating financial literacy, Aviva Kid-O-Scope enables parents to #CatchTheEarlySigns of inherent talent and aptitude of their child and then plan to achieve their dreams with a good financial plan. Aviva has partnered with Intellitots and Students’ Destination to create specialized proprietary psychometric assessments that help assess the child’s natural talent at an early age. The platform then provides personalized content for the parents to help them nurture the identified talent of the child.

Ms. Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer, Marketing and Digital Officer, Aviva Life Insurance said, “At Aviva Life Insurance, we are focused on addressing the core needs and concerns of customers, and are always striving to offer them the best experience.  Every parent wants to provide their child with the best opportunities and dreams about their little one’s future right from the time of their birth. However, they may not plan well enough to achieve their dream. Thus, we had designed Aviva Kid-o-scope to enable parents by helping them gauge the early signs of skill development showcased by the child and accordingly guide them in planning for their future career options. The response received so far is a testimonial that we have taken the right steps and are inching towards a bright future.”

Aviva Kid-O-Scope is a digital platform for parents to help them understand their kids better through a series of proprietary psychometric assessments developed by professionals. The platform provides a dedicated dashboard which gives an in depth analysis of a child’s progress, supplemented with relevant, personalized videos and articles from experts to ensure right nurturing of your child’s abilities. Additionally, the platform also offers an Education Cost Calculator that allows parents to calculate the financial corpus they would require to be able to provide the best education and career opportunities to their child in future.

Aviva Kid-O-Scope has been divided into four stages – I Start, I Can, I Will and I Am to cater to the need of different age groups ranging from 3 – 15 years. In the first stage, different talents are identified using the theory of multiple intelligence, followed by the Dunn & Dunn learning styles model through which learning skills, motivation factors and cognitive skills are recognized. And finally in the last two stages, interest, aptitude and the mindset of the child is developed.