February 26, 2020
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powerful tirumalanadhaswamy temple

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365telugu online news, There is a tiny village known as Yedavalli just 3 hours away from a small town known as Dornal which falls at a centre point connecting to Kurnool, Srisailam & Markapur in Andhra Pradesh.
Two brothers Late Shri Boyinapalli Thirumalaiah and Late Shri Boyinapalli Venkata Subbaiah ( Known Retd. Teacher Markapur in Yesteryears). Though could not succeed in their business in spite of their hard work, continued to suffer in their life. On one blue moon day Lord Sri Venkateswara appeared to both the brothers in a dream on the same way and directed them to construct a temple and serve him and disappeared.

After Some days the above incident happened, a labourer was working in the agricultural fields of both the brothers went to a nearby hill to get some firewood for self and in the process of entering the trees his axe missed a hit and dashed against a piece of rock from which to his dismay blood started oozing. The Labourer got Seared and after informing both the brothers about this, both the brothers rushed to the spot only to observe in their august pressures some bright light coming out of the rock reminding them of their dreams to be true and that lead to the immediate construction of a small temple with incaration of that small rock stone.

A Surprise and a Speciality
The above small rock stone which was of just “3 to 6” before 130 years is growing on day to day basis and now it has recorded its growth to 3.5 feet.

Is it believable and is there any direct witness?

Yes, Honestly Mr.Boyinapalli Gurmoorthy S/o Late B.V.Subbaiah Practising advocate at Bombay High Court visited this small rock in the year 1965 when he was 17 years old which was at that time 15″ and formed the same rock grown upto 3.5 feet in the year 2015 when he unexpectedly went to Markapur and from there to Yedavalli. Now this present rock Swaymbhu Thirumala Nadha Swami is receiving Abhishekams and Poojas not only from Legal Heirs of Boyinapalli Dynasty, their all Relatives and surrounding villages.