September 17, 2019
  • September 17, 2019
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Modi Army is marching for Telangana for Modi

By on March 9, 2019 0 154 Views

Modi Army’s is formed to bring Telangana to Modi

  • People’s initiative goes online, ‘’ website launched along with social media campaign; Run for Modi online news, march 9th,Hyderabad:An uncommon man for the common man. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s uncommon zeal has inspired a group of citizens of Telangana to come under one umbrella aptly called ‘Modi Army’.  A singular aim of the Modi Army is to build better awareness and galvanize voters in favour of Modi majority in 2019 general elections.

The group wants to engage public through online campaign. A website www.telanganaformodi.comhas been made active. This will form the foundation of attracting volunteers to be Modi soldiers. The online campaign is about using social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to connect with like-minded people. The social media will be a vehicle to spread Modi message and information about Modi’s immense contribution to India.

Modi Army is also going big with a community event on Sunday (March 17, 2019). As a symbolic expression of Modi’s pace of progress, supporters, well-wishers and volunteers will join in ‘Run for Modi’ at Necklace Road.

Telangana’s leading businessman and technocrat Gajjala Yoganand, the inspiration behind this endeavor, said at a press meet on the campaign modalities, “as a proud citizen of India I feel it’s my duty to support Narendra Modi’s pragmatic transformational agenda.  I see tremendous hope and change around. This kind of soul-lifting feeling that has come out of social and economic development is good for individual and business growth.”

Explaining the scope of Modi Army’s social media campaign Yoganand said the people of Telangana and Hyderabad are being approached through 21 different accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The online campaign is engaging the voters through two-way communication, similar way that Narendra Modi has touched India with his website and social media.

Yoganand said Modi has given India a pride of place among nations and made Indians proud with all round inclusive development. He mentioned in particular about vast improvement in power generation and availability of cheap power like solar. Modi has made India 6th largest economy in the world after overtaking France.

Modi came to power in 2014 with development as his campaign’s central motif, and he has consistently delivered meaningfully with quality aggression and innovative ideas.  He has turned impossible in India to a possible India.

Modi’s transformational agenda includes bold financial reforms like GST, bankruptcy law, social landscape changing reforms like toilet constructions, clean India and progressive infrastructure sector changes like RERA.

Since coming to power Modi has been relentless in giving India ground level changes that can been seen and felt like clean railway stations, endless expressways, ease of doing business and corruption free government. India has also seen changes ushered in by Digital India, Mudra scheme and economic growth.

Modi has been able to stem the rot set in by vested interests and corrupt people. With a decisiveness, Modi has neutralized anti-social groups and his continuation is essential to keep these anti-progress elements at bay.

Celebrity chef Sanjay Tumma, first Telugu YouTuber to be featured in a YouTube Fan Fest, knows the power of social media and equally convinced about Modi’s forward-looking policies and transformation of India.

The Federation of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce (FTAPCCI) president Arun Luharukasaid India is at the inflection point and support for Modi is imperative need. Making reference to recent developments involving armed forces he said because of Modi the defence forces could get modern equipment ls. ike bulletproof jackets and Rafael aircraft. He was very critical of opposition parties, Congress, who are targeting Modi over silly issues.

Modi has gone beyond tokenism, a hallmark of most of politicians, and has made it possible for crores to have bank accounts, think about clean India with toilets around the country while heading a corruption free administration.

Setting the tone earlier during event, direct tax expert Suresh Chandrashekar said India requires confident leadership of Modi to take bold decisions in every sphere of diverse Indian society. The prime minister has been able to transform the country with innovative schemes and he deserves a second term, the successful chartered accountant said.

Political and media activist Suresh Kochattil says the digital campaign will reach youth and the first-time voters.

India has changed for good. There is a need to sustain this development-oriented movement. Telangana should join the nation in providing majority seats to Modi, is the aim of the online campaign.  The Modi Army wants to encourage common people to understand Modi’s development philosophy and become the messengers to spread this message of progress.